H2Yerba is based in Mamaroneck, NY just outside of New York City.  First and foremost, our mission is a healthier you. We are lucky enough to have a product and a tradition that we are excited to share with the world. We pride ourselves on offering top quality products and great customer service.

The centerpiece of our system is yerba mate, the super plant that most people have never heard of. It has amazing health benefits and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants. H2Y adapts a timeless Paraguayan tradition, drinking tereré. Part of our mission is to spread awareness about Paraguay, and its culture and traditions.

Lastly, H2Yerba is a daydream come to life. It doesn’t take boatloads of money. It doesn’t take years. It takes an idea. It takes determination. It takes a strong team. From infancy to launch in three months, that is the story of H2Y.

Here's to new beginnings.